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Thalgo Marine Beauty

Thalgo Marine Beauty

Thalgo is a French company founded in 1968 and originally famous for their Micronized Marine Algae. Using an exclusive and patented manufacturing process, algae cells are exploded to release their active ingredients. The fine quality of the powder obtained from this process enhances skin penetration during a hot bath or application.

Nowadays, Thalgo laboratories manufacture a wide range of marine algae based cosmetics for men and women, natural infusions and nutritional supplements. The majority of their products are paraben free, contain no mineral oil or genetically modified organisms. They also have a range of certified organic cosmetics called Terre & Mer.

In 2011 their new anti-ageing range, with 5 patented technologies, won numerous awards including the AsiaSpa Anti-ageing product line of the year. This range is used in our Hyaluronic Smooth and Fill Facial and the Silicium Super-Lift Facial.

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